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E Safety

We have a vibrant Media Group at Catcote Futures, check out some of our E-Safety Videos!

Firstly the Top 10 E-Safety Tips…

Cyberbullies Never Prosper – Here is a video showing how online bullying can get out of hand!

The Honeytrap! – Oh no! Dave is using online dating sites to cheat on Jess! However, Jess has a plan to catch him in the act! Remember, not everyone who you talk to online is who they say they are…

‘Would You Show Your Granny?’ – The golden rule when uploading anything online is ‘Would you show your Granny?’ Look at what some students felt was acceptable!!! Poor Granny!

‘Fired Before He’s Hired!’ – Carl is cleaning the house before his big job interview! See how your digital footprint can affect you!

Christmas Thieve! – A special festive video warning about the dangers of sharing your password with others. Surely, no one would be silly enough to share Santa’s password with the Grinch?

‘I’ll Beat You!’ – What happens when online gaming gets out of hand? Why is it important to keep your personal details private?

‘The Song of Death!’ – Anth is singing Halloween songs with a mysterious online lady! Should he meet up with her?

More amazing videos coming soon! If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch!