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STEPS Employability Pathway

This dedicated Study Programme is for student’s aged 16-24 years with an Education, Health and Care plan. This is a pre internship programme for up to three years. The students access a work-based learning environment to gain invaluable work skills and recognise they have progressed from a school/college environment to the world of work.

The students are based in the heart of their local community in the Employability Training Hub within Middleton Grange Shopping Centre.  They have up to 2 days per week studying specific vocational qualifications including skills for training, employment, personal development and Maths and English.

Learners also access to external work experience as a minimum of 1 day per week and up to three days per week. They are supported by our Careers Team to help them identify their skillset, aspirations and strengths through vocational profiling and this is then matched to a work placement. This programme is personalised to each young person based upon need, development and aspirations.

All work placements job carved by highly skilled Job Coaches who are trained in task specific instruction (TSI) to ensure that learners are supported to achieve their maximum progression and full potential. The majority of these learners are successful in obtaining a positive destination including further training, supported internships, apprenticeships and paid work upon completion of the programme.

Skills areas:

  • Independent travel – where relevant
  • Functional/transferable skills – Finance (money & Budgeting)
  • Personal care and presentation
  • Independent thinking skills
  • Employability skills
  • Accessing the local community
  • Vocational taster sessions to offer informed choices for destinations