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Parents & Friends

We are a registered charity which gives us a greater opportunity to extend our fund-raising and host events within the community.

Charity number : 1054871


We are a Registered Charity which gives us greater opportunity to extend our fund-raising within the community. The committee is made up of parents, staff and friends of the school. Once a student joins the school their parent/carer automatically becomes a member of the PTA and are welcome to attend meetings, giving their support and ideas.

Parents and Friends work closely with the school and help to provide the very necessary extras that are needed, but not financed by the local authority e.g. trips, computer equipment, play and social equipment, science and technology ‘extras’. We are always looking for new ideas for fund-raising events so please get in touch if you feel there’s something we should try.

Member Roles:

Chair: S. Davis

Vice Chair: C. Landreth

Treasurer: W. Apedaile

Secretary: D. Coulton

Media Coordinator: H. Newton

Events Coordinator: L. Relton

Other members: P. Sowerby, A. Jeffries, A. Pounder, J. Crosby, S. Hayes, R. Christian, C. Lamb, E. Garthwaite, B. Hewitt