Catcote Futures Staff

Catcote Futures staff


Our dedicated team of 9 teachers/tutors are responsible for delivering accredited education programmes to our students who’s placements are part funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency. Teaching staff across the college are highly skilled and have different areas of expertise including Horticulture, Hair and Beauty, Careers and Advice, Art, Enterprise, Assistive Technologies, Reprographics and ASD.


In addition, we have 25 full and part time teaching assistants who support teaching and learning in the classroom.  We also have 9 support staff who are not classroom based carrying out a range of duties related to administration, site services, catering and lunchtime supervision.


A member of staff is responsible for the safe storage and administration of medication and implementing any action plans for the individual student; this work is overseen by the Trust Healthcare Assistant.

We work closely with a range of external partners, particularly the Adult Learning Disability Team nurses, psychiatrists, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists and Local Authority social workers.  In addition, we commission an Occupational Therapist to support our work, particularly in the area of sensory processing.