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In order to assess the progress of our young adults against their personal targets, we use a range of processes depending the needs of different cohorts, including the MAPP continuum. The MAPP (Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress) assessment system was adopted in 2019 to ensure a consistent approach to formative and summative assessment. This tool enables the tracking of development in the four areas of Prompting, Fluency, Maintenance and Generalisation of Skills. The framework highlights and demonstrates where learners can further develop skills, leading to continued progression and application of skills. Our termly monitoring and assessment process enables staff to frequently assess, moderate and evaluate the progress learners are making towards their targets. In 2021 we have introduced bespoke RARPA books for all learners. This allows us to closely monitor progress of skills that we would like our students to develop in order to maximise their potential.

All of our students have a bespoke outcomes book which they take every lesson. Outcomes are decided, with the help of the teacher, student, their families and health and social care professionals during EHCP meetings or Annual Review for our Life Long Learners. Students are made explicitly aware of their targets daily, agreeing which ones they will address during their sessions for that day. At the end of each session, students and class staff give feedback on the targets stating how they have met them and what comes next.

Pastoral teachers have weekly meetings with learners to discuss and celebrate targets and achievements. If any interventions are required, staff and students agree them here. Teaching staff share feedback termly to senior leaders in one-to-one meetings, as well as to all staff during dedicated assessment and progress meetings.

This system ensures that all staff are aware of all students targets and progress, enabling them to plan effectively for each individual they teach. Students are also more aware of their targets (which are given in a symbolised format for those who need it, giving further autonomy and control of their individual study program and a real say in their outcomes.

Summative assessment is carried out through termly outcome reviews and also through termly reviews of accredited outcomes. At Catcote Futures our learners follow either NOCN, OCR or ASCENTIS accredited courses, with modules changing each term. Moderation is carried out internally each term and externally annually.