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At Catcote Futures we believe that our innovative curriculum makes us truly special. Student voice, student autonomy and student aspirations are at the very heart of everything we do. Where appropriate, our curriculum is fluid and changes termly to offer a wide breadth of options whilst retaining its fundamental core values and building on student progression.

We emphatically believe in lifelong learning at Catcote Futures and, due to the adult nature of our learners, we strive for absolute autonomy in what they choose to learn. We are proud that our students have complete control over their individual study program, which is designed to be relevant, vibrant, broad and balanced whilst underpinning the four key areas of Preparing for Adulthood (Employment & Careers, Friends, Relationships and Community, Independent Living and Good Health.)

Planning and assessment revolves wholly around student and carer agreed outcomes which ensure relevance and progression across our students’ entire career at college. Our creative and highly motivated teaching staff have a vast range of SEND experience and specialist skills to enable them to deliver a range of engaging learning experiences.

The autonomous nature of the curriculum ensures that staff are absolutely passionate about what and how they teach, and students are highly motivated and engaged by the lesson content.

Truly a win-win situation!


At Catcote Futures we aim to deliver an ambitious curriculum that is highly motivational and allows our learners to continually build on the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. The curriculum is highly personalised for each student, with their individual study programme tailored to meet the medium and short-term outcomes that have been agreed by our students and their families. All staff teach towards the student’s individual outcomes, ensuring the application of highly personalised key skills in a range of contexts.

Our broad curriculum is ground in the four areas of Preparing for Adulthood to give our students the chance to apply skills and knowledge in a range of exciting, relevant, age-appropriate learning opportunities.

All of our learning experiences are geared towards enhancing independence skills, student wellbeing, making a positive impact in the community and the world of work. Continual assessment of student outcomes in these lessons helps to facilitate maximum progress.


Lessons are taught by highly effective specialist staff with a wide range of pedagogical knowledge and SEND experience. We employ a practical, vocational approach at Catcote Futures with an aim to see as many students as possible accessing the world of work, independent living and contributing positively to society.

Where appropriate, our curriculum choice is completely autonomous, with students choosing what lessons they will access each term based on interests, aspirations and need. Each students’ bespoke study programme is then adapted to meet their identified outcomes.

Effective, ongoing assessment is used to ensure that students are making progress from their starting points in their personal outcomes. Each student has a personalised outcomes book, which is continually completed by staff, so the student is keenly aware of their targets, what they are working towards and how well they are progressing.


Our broad and very rich curriculum allows us to maximise targeted, sustained progression to all students, increasing their application of skills and knowledge. Effective accredited and non-accredited lessons, taught by staff who are motivated to teach, to students who are engaged and keen to learn, has proven to be extremely successful.

The co-authored, autonomous nature of the curriculum gives our learners a real say in their educational journey and the continued, explicit focus on personal outcomes ensures that students are aware of what they need to achieve, and their next steps to reaching their goals.

With continually motivated learners following a stimulating, broad, purposeful and imaginative curriculum, we are confident that our learners will be happy and successful wherever their next destinations lie.

To find out more, please contact Pete Wells head of curriculum development.