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A pathway for our students identified as having a wide variety of complex needs. This group are taught using a range of specialist approaches in a base class and access other areas of the curriculum as appropriate.


Supported Living Skills – In the Aiming High pathway group, we provide daily opportunities for the students to take part in activities which develop key skills that they will need for the future such as various forms of expressive (speaking) and receptive (listening) communication skills, interaction skills, laundry, cookery, cleaning, using household technology, getting dressed and opportunities for independence.


Skills for Employment – In order to develop the students’ employability skills, they access personalised enterprise and work experience tasks, such as setting the dining room, reception duties, woodwork and horticulture. Enterprise projects and tasks are also adapted to incorporate the students’ individual skills. Our students regularly make products to sell at enterprise fayres.


Looking After Yourself – Daily opportunities are provided to encourage the students to look after themselves. Staff consistently provide opportunities for the students to demonstrate their independence skills as often as possible. The students access specific activities and experiences such as PSHE, hair care, relaxation and a range of massages such as, Indian head, hand, feet. These experiences are also used to help the students to self-regulate and to assist them to access their learning.


Community Access – Accessing the community is extremely important part of our pathway in the Aiming High group. It enables the students to practise and apply a wide variety of skills in the real world. They are also strongly contribute towards developing the student’s social skills, self-confidence, self-esteem and independence and functional application skills.


Leisure and Enrichment – The students in the Aiming High group enjoy taking part in different leisure and enrichment activities as part of their personalised timetable. Experiences such as pottery, Zumba, Jacuzzi, community visits, relaxation and massage are all opportunities that the students have chosen to take part in as part of their personal programme. Opportunities such as these are also used to provide the students to work alongside peers and staff from across the college.