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Across our sites, we have a broad range of specialist facilities to mirror the world of work, facilitate skill acquisition and support physical and emotional wellbeing. These include:


Outdoor education is extremely important to us at Catcote Futures. We have a full time horticulture tutor who facilitates several options and sessions per week. Learners can flex their green fingers in any of our eleven flower beds (including three raised beds,) our polytunnel, greenhouse and outdoor classrooms.


Reprographics is a broad based topic for learners with the exciting opportunity to bring design and technology to life.  The department was created as a vocational option in May 2009 and now prints school stationery in addition to commercial work for paying customers.

Learners develop knowledge, skills and understanding of the graphics industry through the investigation of existing products leading to the design, development and manufacture of products of their own. They take part in practical tasks that give them the opportunity to develop and experience a range of techniques, skills and processes.

Learners develop skills for the world of work by being able to carry out routine tasks, follow instructions, complete tasks to a workplace standard and working safely.

Gym and OT

Physical fitness and wellbeing is vital for self regulation, readiness to learn and self-esteem. We have an onsite gym and OT facilities to ensure our learners are regulated as fully as possible.

Life Skills and Cooking Areas

At Catcote Futures, teaching life skills is of utmost importance to us. To help our learners lead as independent lives as possible, we have several life skills areas and kitchens, our innovative caravan, our own flat and more.


Learners who benefit from hydrotherapy can enjoy time in our Jacuzzi. This is directly linked to our beauty salon where learners can have a massage or a range of our therapeutic treatments.

The Bistro

The Bistro is our social area, where learners can meet, chat and enjoy a range of snacks and drinks. The Bistro is fully staffed by the learners as part of our work experience offer. This can be a realistic taster of the hospitality trade to help prepare our learners for work experience our Vestry Cafe in town.

Art, Design and Pottery Studio

We have an esteemed, highly creative art teacher who has industry experience as a designer for the prestigious Moorcroft Pottery. Learners can study a range of art and design techniques, including textiles and pottery.

Media Facilities

Using our state of the art media equipment and suite of Apple Mac computers, learners can enjoy a range of modern, creative media activities. At Catcote Futures we make a range of TV programmes and films as well as other media.

Assistive Technology

We use assistive technologies to give our learners a range of sensory experiences, facilitate engagement and to promote independence as fully as possible.