Cohort Young people with special educational needs and disabilities aged 19-24 and who have an EHC plan

 We have 17 learners aged 19-24 enrolled on our STEPs programme, this is a specific course for learners with SEND who wish to follow an employability and independent living curriculum.

These learners have low prior attainment and are following accreditation at Entry Level to Level 1. The majority of these students are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

These students are normally educated in a training room above our retail shop in the town centre.  This room does not allow us to adopt our COVID protective measures.

Funding Total £7500


Summary of spending and actions taken:
1.    Allow full return of STEPS learners

Hire a classroom at CECA (centre for excellence in creative arts) that will allow us to adopt fully the Trusts protective measures, which includes social distancing.




2.    1:1 and small group work

To enable further 1:1 and small group work a TA2 has been temporarily paid at a TA3 rate in order that they can deliver 1:1 sessions and provide time for a personalised tutorial, which may focus on mental health and well-being or support for their qualifications.

Their programme normally entails 4 days placement and 1 day per week in the classroom. The programme will be front loaded focusing on Maths, English, and Skills for Employment and Independent Living.

1:1 work will also take place for students who are currently shielding. They will have an allocated 1:1 session with a teaching assistant to complete required work for their accreditation.


3.    Purchase resources to support assessment and identify gaps in learning

IPod touches have been purchased to support assessment, informing teaching and identifying gaps in learning.