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Sensory Explorers Pathway

A specialist sensory and communication-based Pathway designed to maximise experiences and opportunities for our students with profound and multiple learning difficulties.

Key Areas

Learning for Life – At Catcote Futures, our Sensory Explorers access a full, broad and balanced curriculum designed to improve their life skills, independence skills and sensory experiences. Each day begins with a stimulating Senseology workout, where students practice a range of personalised targets. Their busy week includes access to a range of stimulating community visits and meaningful work-related learning activities such as enterprise skills, horticulture and a range of sensory activities in our salon. Our sensory explorers enjoy a range of bespoke sensory activities designed to promote independence skills and communication such as art, cookery, ICT and outdoor education.

Communication and Interaction – At Catcote Futures communication is key. Our Sensory Explorers have access to a wide range of high and low tech augmentative and alternative communication strategies and equipment. This helps maximise their communication, social and independence skills across everything they do. We have a range of switches and specially adapted equipment to ensure that students continue to develop their cause and effect and control skills. Students also access highly stimulating, age-appropriate sensory stories several times per week to promote and develop pre-verbal communication, engagement and exploration in an extremely enjoyable way.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing – At Catcote Futures the social and emotional well-being of our students is paramount. Our Sensory Explorers enjoy a range of sti­­­­mulating activities and therapies in a relaxed, yet invigorating environment. As part of their week, students enjoy guided massage and other therapy sessions, including music therapy, tac pac or spending time in our bespoke salon.

Physical Wellbeing – Our Sensory Explorers have access to a range of activities designed to maximise their physical wellbeing. Students follow personalised physiotherapy and occupational therapy programs and have access to our on-site Jacuzzi and sensory space.

Students use assistive technology to create a range of healthy snacks which are then eaten as part of an integrated feeding programme. There are several opportunities for massage throughout the week as well as more vigorous activities such as dance and exercise.