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The 16 to 19 tuition fund 2021 to 2022 academic year

cohort Young people with special educational needs and disabilities aged 19-24 and who have an EHC plan

We have 34 ESFA funded learners across 5 different pathways matched to primary SEND needs and learners personal aspirations.

These learners have low prior attainment and are following accreditation ranging from Entry Level to Level 1. The majority of these learners are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Although each learner has their own individualised outcome targets linked to the strands of Preparing for Adulthood (PfA), the opportunities they had to work towards their targets were greatly reduced due to the impact of COVID and the restrictions around accessing the local community and employment providers. With the vast majority of learners accessing their education remotely for parts of the year and then being confined to the classroom when they did return, the targets across the strands of ‘employment’ and ‘community access’ showed the lowest gains. These are the areas we feel require additional interventions to help recover lost learning opportunities.

Funding Total £7696


Summary of spending and actions to take:
1.   Provide additional 1-1 support for dedicated road safety and using public transport training. On occasions, when using public transport, learners may be in groups of two or three to support peer to peer learning.

Use current staff to deliver additional dedicated 1-1 training to access college at start and end of day to support accessing work experience settings using public transport. We will back fill with supply staff.





2.    1:1 support for CIAG and job coaching

Provide additional support 5 days a week with CIAG, job coaching and employer engagement to rebuild a strong work experience programme. This will involve using specialist staff dedicated to careers and work-related learning. Change job roll of current member of staff to focus on CIAG for 1 full day and back fill with supply staff.






Impact of spend July 2022                                                                                                                                                       

  • Some students with are now accessing the Trusts bungalow via public transport 1 day a week (supported)
  • STEPS students are successfully using public transport to access employment hub and work placements and one learner has moved from school transport to public transport
  • Dedicated careers assistant has been employed 1 day a week and has increased engagement with local employers.  Partnership training projects have been increased which now includes students having experience of different job roles in Marco Polo, HBC, McDonalds and ANDRON cleaning services in Middleton Grange shopping centre.  GATSBY benchmarks are now being recorded and case studies have been uploaded to website.