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The Vision of Catcote Futures

To be an innovative FE centre of excellence, providing outstanding, personalised education for all learners.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing an environment where learners are offered every opportunity to maximise their potential, grow in confidence and above all be happy and safe.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Provide a wide range of personalised learning experiences which are exciting, challenging and accessible to all
  • Prepare learners for a meaningful future by promoting independence, resilience and lifelong learning
  • Promote tolerance and respect for individual differences, abilities, needs and beliefs
  • Create a safe, caring environment in which everyone is healthy, happy and ready to learn
  • Foster positive working partnerships with learners, parents, multi agency professionals and the local community
  • Maintain a culture of vigilance and a commitment to keeping all learners, staff and visitors’ safe

‘Working together, achieving success’

Our Values:


We have high aspirations for all and work together to achieve success

Safe and Happy

We have a culture of vigilance and practice being safe at all times


We focus on what we can do and are proud of our achievements and each other


Everyone matter s and we celebrate everyone uniqueness


We have strong positive relationships and embed emotional education into daily life

Enriching Lives

We strive to make a difference and enable everyone to live their best adult life